2-shoe Clutch (for 40cc 4-stroke engines)

2-shoe Clutch (for 40cc 4-stroke engines)

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2-shoe engine clutch for 40cc 4-stroke motors.

Typical symptoms that indicate a broken or worn clutch:

  • Your bike started making a terrible rattling noise in the engine.
  • Rear wheel is locked up, when pulling on the pull start the back wheel immediately starts spinning.
  • Bike cannot climb hills and giving it more gas makes the engine rev up but accelerate very poorly.

To replace the clutch, you have to remove the four screws that hold the transmission housing on to the engine. Use an 8mm socket wrench to remove the bolts and wiggle free the transmission case. This will expose the clutch. A common situation is a broken spring. It is best to replace the entire clutch when this happens instead of opting for a new spring.

Remove the two bolts that hold the old clutch on to the engine. It is best to use an impact wrench to do this. If you don't have one, you can purchase a decent electric impact wrench at your local hardware store for about $50 - a great investment and tool to have in the garage.

If your spring broke, make sure you look carefully inside the engine cavity to make sure there are no pieces of the clutch spring remaining, before installing the new clutch.